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More than Fifteen years engaged in lighting industry in indonesia, having qualified and experienced team ready to solve problems and finding the right solution for lighting requirements in your area

Lighting Design

A light is just not a light at Lighting Concepts. We know you want a certain look in the fixture itself, but the effect that lighting will have in your project is just as important. To help you get exactly the lighting design you want, we offer a range of consultations. Our consultation service is available for any project, from one area to an entire project, and we customize our consultation package to your needs. For complete information and to discuss your specific needs, contact Our Team
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Lighting Construction

We work alongside our clients to understand the unique efficiency, performance, and aesthetic needs they have when it comes to lighting solutions. Once we've completed a full evaluation of your circumstances, we provide you with a holistic lighting blueprint for your project. Enerven supply, install, and maintain a broad range of impressive lighting solutions for our Projects, illuminating the potential of some of the latest lighting techniques in the industry. With extensive knowledge in the industry and a wide collection of skills, our friendly team can work alongside you to make your lighting goals a reality.
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Lighting Maintenance

Lighting maintenance is the upkeep, replacement, and updating of a lighting system. Lighting maintenance is just like maintaining your car. Even though you manage to get your car to start up and get you from point A to B, that doesnt always mean a very healthy car! We have all been there, maybe skipping an oil change, not replacing needed parts, and making a bad habit of ignoring weird sounds! It comes back to haunt you in the end because we are likely spending more money per gallon of gas because of the inefficiency we created. Not to mention shortening the life of our vehicle.
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