The Best Masterpiece Project 2019

Part of the success of BANDELL lighting is creating an art facade lighting system in a modern architectural project Stretching across the Bengawan Solo River, the Sosrodilogo Trucuk Bridge is now a new Beautiful Jewel-Icon in Bojonegoro Regency


Bojonegoro Regency


December 2019


Mr. Budi Soesetya

Mr. Rachmad Saiful

Project type

Facade Art Lighting

This project uses product of BANDELL TSL RGB series 50 Watt and 280 watt, illuminating the entire bridge construction with color changing that can be changing according to customer wishes.

The difficulty level of this project is to ensure the continuity of color configuration data communication can be carried along the bridge and between one lamp and another lamp can synergize smoothly and in harmony.

Sosrodilogo Bridge powered with BANDELL Art Lighting

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